School -Related Gender Based Violence(SRGBV) In the Asia – Pacific Region

SRGBV refers to: “all forms of violence (explicit and symbolic forms of violence), including fear of violence, that occurs in education contexts (including non-formal and formal contexts such as school premises, on the  journey to and from school, and in emergency and conflict settings) which result in, or are likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm of children (female, male, intersex and transgender  children and youth of all sexual orientations). ”

Addressing Gender Based  Violence  in society requires a multi-sectoral approach, and the education sector can play a critical role in preventing and responding to school related gender-based violence.

This requires efforts at multiple levels within the education sector, such as:

  • the establishment of protection policies in education that ensure safe and secure learning environments for all learners, and mechanisms (e.g. teachers codes of conducts that are implemented and enforced) to hold perpetrators accountable for incidents of violence
  • the inclusion of elements such as gender equality, human rights, and non-violence in the school curriculum and the use of existing programmes (e.g. sexuality education , citizenship education ) to raise awareness of GBV and how to prevent it;
  • awareness – raising and skills development among teachers to incorporate the above elements into their teaching practice, which may require in some cases pre- and in-service training that enables teachers to consider their own knowledge, attitudes and values on these issues;
  • interventions to improve school safety on the way to school
  • establishment of redress mechanisms for those that have experienced violence (e.g., access to school counsellors, nurses or social workers, peer support mechanisms) and the promotion of confidential referrals to services (e.g. health, legal, child protection) where needed; and
  • the promotion of links between schools, parents and communities to build awareness on the issue of gender-based violence (e.g. through homework assignments, parent –teacher associations, school events)

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